Q1. Why Choose Buy Puppies Online

A1: Because we know how to care puppies and can help you have the fur-babies sooner and in their healthiest shape.

Q2. Would the Nanny-care accompany delivery until reaching home?

A2: Personalize nanny-care will surely do so. Or else, our nannies would offer personalize care to the puppies until the location you choose to pick them up.

Q3. How to avoid scammers?

A3: We will contact you once your order is confirmed with us. We will let you know about the service, cancellation or postponement of the service. We do not go through any third party medium. Never agree to ship until you know your payments are received by us. We do not entertain excess payments except what has been asked for. Be aware of the sellers outside of your locality.

Q4. What if I need refund?

A4: Even though it is not mandatory, you may choose to let us know the reason of cancellation. In any case, where you might re-order the same puppy, we may help you by postponing your order for the time being. If you want cancellation, you can contact us for refund within the refund period (a maximum extent of 30 working days).

Q5. Why are your services special?

A5: We care for the puppies in the best way possible. We check them with vets and after having certificate from a government vet, we let the pet supply cargo to carry your puppy. On your request we can appoint nannies with a standby nanny to avoid any inconvenience that may hurt your expectation.

Q6. Are you a puppy farm?

A6: No, we are not puppy farm. We help puppies to have new families.

Q7. How can we pay you?

A7: Our payment method is mentioned on our website. It may be discussed when you place an order. We offer the best payment options to ease the program for our customers.

Q8. How does your caregiver care puppies?

A8: Our caregivers or nannies give the best attention to the puppies that they deserve. We offer the best care, best quality food, and grooming, with 24/7 access to the vet to ensure the puppies are healthy.