Dilly – Female Chinchilla $300


Name: Dilly
Breed: Chinchilla
Sex: Female
Age: 20 weeks
Color: Gray Black
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Female chinchillas | Good chinchilla pets

Female chinchillas. Chinchillas are very friendly, cute, fuzzy and like a small cat who likes to play around the house and actively go on run. If you want to have a fuzzy pet which doesn’t take much space in your home then this is the pet you need to go for. Dilly, our female chinchilla is just like this adorable small cat which wont scratch your furniture.

The two types of chinchilla are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources’ imperiled species list. Both the short-followed chinchilla and the long-followed chinchilla are recorded as fundamentally jeopardized. Short-followed chinchillas are believed to be terminated in Bolivia and Peru yet are thought to be recuperating in different regions. In 1996, there were just 42 states of long-followed chinchillas, and the populace has declined from that point forward and keeps on declining.

How to keep chinchillas

The Michigan Humane Society suggests keeping homegrown chinchillas in a wire network confine with a strong floor. The enclosure ought to be all around ventilated and kept dry and cool in temperatures from 60 to 70 F (16 to 21 C). Chinchillas don’t manage everything well when confined together, and ought to be kept in individual enclosures.


Female Chinchillas can eat food pellets accessible from pet stores, as well as feed, dried products of the soil, and carrots and green vegetables with some restraint, or around 10% of their everyday eating regimen. A container furnished with a sipper tube is the most effective way to give water.

To remain perfect, these rodents give themselves dust showers. It is suggested that homegrown chinchillas scrub down more than once each week in fine volcanic debris that can be bought at pet shops.

Female chinchillas for sale are believed to be more intelligent than hares and can be educated to play with people. They make great pets for little kids, in any case, since chinchillas are hyperactive and playful.