Puppy Care Tips

Take care of your puppy after receiving from our expert pet carrier service or from nannies. Follow the primary tips to help puppies stay fit.

Wilson's Puppy

Tips for beginners

  • Find a trusted vet and go through a thorough check up
  • Make the visits count and follow the tips suggested by vets
  • Shop the best quality food
  • Set a bathroom routine for the puppies
  • Watch their early signs of illness and inform vets
  • Be sociable with the puppies and let them enjoy their time
  • Take care of the teeth of your puppy to ensure they are not chomping on something unhealthy
  • Prevent playtime accidents
  • Do not ignore if puppies cry at night and if the issue persist, inform vet immediately
  • Keep your floor clean and ensure no leftover food is scattered at any corner of home
  • Try appointing a trainer for basic training if you find yourself as incapable to do so

Do not let your puppy feel alone and if they appear to be depending on you, try to accompany them as much as you can. Certainly, a diet chart from the vet may help you to maintain the health factors of the puppies.