Shipping Policy

Place orders to have them shipped within 10 working days or within the given delivery date proposed during the time of placing order. The orders will be shipped via speed post and registered domestic courier companies. We do not offer services outside the USA and Canada.

Pet Cargo

Pet cargo will be dispatched from the following international airports –


Pet cargo is specially designed for your pets. A safer place for pets in the cargo with special care comes with pressurized and temperature control measures. After having the flight booked, you will receive a call from the airline office and us. The call will narrate the detail of the shipping process along with the address          from where you can pick your puppy.

COVID Warning

The aforementioned airports will receive deliveries until further update due to COVID19 outbreak. For other airports clients can ask personal inflight nanny services. We also deliver to Dubai and Doha Airport.

Personal Delivery

Personal pet nanny service would charge a bit extra amount from you depending upon the destination. Distance and connecting flights matter the nanny services for special and really small puppies for their safer journey. Puppies weighing under or about 1lb can fly with nannies. To receive Pet Cargo service, wait until your puppy is at least 1.5lb.

Our nannies would care for your puppy from pick up to the delivery. Book this service for any location. The delivery time depends on the availability of nannies. Please comply with sudden changes of delivery times depending upon the availability of the nanny-care services. You can ask for inflight nanny delivery also. Place a quote.

Delivery may take 3 to 5 weeks

Checking your puppy’s health, availability of the nanny, and other government procedures for exporting puppies may take time. It would be an official vet to certify the puppy to fly. Until then we request our clients to comply with the service that dedicates its best effort for their appeasement.